Seashore Swim Lessons In A League of Their Own

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Voted MOST LOVED Swim Lessons In Monmouth county & The Parents’ Pick

Seashore offers the strongest swimming lessons in Monmouth County. And has a track record to prove it. Whether your child is just starting out or want to improve their strokes or times, no one offers better results. Anywhere. The program is so popular, Seashore was voted 2019 Most Loved Swim Lessons and The Parents’ Pick in a poll conducted by Hulafrog.

Seashore Swim Lessons Help Children Learn Quickly

We start beginners with special floats we manufacture and progress to kick boards. Our technique puts young people at ease in the water and helps them develop the strength, skills and confidence needed to become top swimmers. We have a long-standing history of success. Just about everyone learns to swim on their own in record time.

Top Swimmers Get Their Start Here

We’re also proud to say that many of the strongest swimmers in Monmouth County took their first strokes in our pools. They went on to become captains of their high school and college swim teams and are Division 1 record holders at schools like Yale, Rutgers, Boston College, UCONN and UMASS. And, some even made it to the Olympics!

Complete Range Of  Classes
Doggie Paddle for 3 and 4 Year Olds
Freestyle with Rotary Breathing
Beginning Backstroke
Competitive Strokes (butterfly, backstroke & breaststroke)

Small Student-Teacher Ratio
Our lessons work well because we keep class size small and student-teacher ratio low. This gives instructors the time needed to concentrate on each child and help him or her master the basics, improve times or learn advanced strokes.

Convenient Schedule
During the school year, we offer swimming lessons weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings. They are held in our indoor heated pools at 345 Second Avenue and 404 Broadway campuses in Long Branch. In the summer, classes take place Saturday and Sunday mornings at our 345 Second Avenue large outdoor pool pavilion (a block from the beach).

Plus Early Afternoon Classes To Accommodate PODS, Virtual, Half-Day & Partial Week Schools
We realize this is an unusual school year.  Therefore, have added early afternoon swimming lessons for children, who are not in full day districts and want something to do after academics. We offer a range of lessons for various skill levels to improve techniques and enhance your child’s schedule.

Seashore Swim Lessons Follow COVID-19 Protocols
Seashore Day Camp successfully completed Summer 2020 without anyone getting or spreading COVID-19. We will follow the same regulations to protect the health of swimmers and instructors. A negative COVID-19 test result is required prior to the start of the session. In addition, temperatures will be taken before each class prior to entering the pool.

Reasonably Priced Tuition
The cost is just $295 for 10 lessons.


Spaces Are Going Fast…To learn more about our renowned swim lessons or for a class schedule, please call 732.222.6464 or CLICK HERE.