Visit Seashore Preschool and you will be amazed at what you see. Voted 2019 BEST PRESCHOOL in Monmouth County in the Asbury Park Press Readers’ Choice Awards the fourth year, Seashore picks up children at their door and takes them where they need to go academically, physically and socially. Our well-rounded program not only makes learning fun. It gives you more for your money than any other school or daycare center.

An Entire Campus For Three-Year-Olds – With An Indoor Pool, Gym & Playground
Seashore is the only preschool that offers an entire campus for three-year-olds with bright classrooms, music room, smart board, art studio, science lab, gym, indoor heated pool and playground. While the campus is large, our family atmosphere and small class size help preschoolers feel comfortable as they transition from home to school. And while our “campus approach” may sound big for children so little, it is just what they need. Moving from one type of activity to another provides variety, keeps the schedule interesting and breaks up the routine so they don’t get restless. It also allows boys and girls a chance to release energy in a positive way no matter what the weather.

Our Curriculum Goes Beyond The Classroom And Way Beyond The Basics
Structured to develop cognitive, motor and socialization skills, the program incorporates activities that help three-year-olds learn to listen, follow directions and begin to solve problems. The curriculum goes way beyond colors, shapes, numbers and letters. It includes hands-on experiments in science lab. Children discover why clouds move, why things sink or float, why seasons change, how plants grow, how to mix colors and how to make bath salts. They are introduced to Spanish, do art projects, take music and prepare for large-scale shows. They also take field trips to places like orchards, where they pick apples to make applesauce and other treats. In addition, there is physical education – where they learn eye-hand coordination, dexterity and how to shoot baskets.

The Program Makes A Splash With Extras Like Year-Round Swim Lessons
What’s more, preschoolers learn to swim in a three-foot indoor heated pool small enough and warm enough to be comfortable in the water. Starting with floats we manufacture and progressing to kickboards, lessons are so successful most swim by the end of the year.

Classes Are Offered In A Variety Of Schedules
For your convenience, classes are available in a variety of half and full-day sessions that accommodate your needs, schedule and budget.

To observe a class in session, find out about about January openings, schedule a tour or learn more about Seashore – voted Best of the Best in Preschool in Monmouth County in the 2019 Asbury Park Press Readers Choice Awards – please call 732.222.6464 or CLICK HERE.