Kindergarten in a Class of its Own

When children enter our Kindergarten, the first thing they see is the famous poem “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” Written 26 years ago by Robert Fulghum, the poem became a #1 New York Times Best Seller. Seven million copies later, it is still is the basis of the way Seashore kindergarteners learn how to conduct themselves, how to treat others, and basically, how to be.

At Seashore, this simple premise along with our progressive, challenging curriculum has given children the right start for more than four decades. To make learning fun and develop a well-rounded skill set, our program focuses on academics, athletics and the arts, plus features most schools do not include at this level.

Promethean ActivBoards Provide A Smarter Approach To Learning
Kindergarten teachers transform learning with Promethean ActivBoards that motivate students, keep them engaged, improve achievement and take the educational experience to a much more comprehensive level. Using this innovative technology, students can visit distant parts of the world, take part in more involved math lessons, see letters form, share a book on a screen and instantaneously be assessed.

Reading & Writing Programs Are Advanced & Challenging
Surpassing Common Core Standards, our phonics based reading program is exceptionally strong. While most kindergartens emphasize letter/sound recognition, we go further. Children learn sight words, are introduced to decoding, blend sounds and read sentences and stories. As part of reading comprehension, they are taught the literal along with inferential meaning behind stories, and are encouraged to draw conclusions. By January, ALL students read on their own and by the end of the year, can recognize nearly 1,000 words. They also write sentences, begin composing their thoughts into paragraphs and work in journals.

After Academics, There is Science, Computers, Spanish, Cooking, Performing Arts, Yoga, Gym And Swimming
Kindergarteners take math, social studies, computers, art, music and physical education – plus foreign language, performing arts and year-round swim lessons. They see the lessons they are studying in their classrooms come to life by doing hands-on experiments in our science lab – which houses a video microscope, telescope, animal habitat, skeleton, galaxy of planets and the latest technology. They go to the computer lab to learn keyboarding skills and do online brain pops that reinforce reading comprehension. They participate in cooking and craft projects that coordinate with each letter introduced in the reading program series. And, they do yoga to strengthen the body and mind – improving flexibility, coordination, relaxation, calmness and classroom concentration.

Students Perform At A Higher Level On Stage And On Standardized Tests
Seashore students are as comfortable on stage with a microphone at their winter show, Mother’s Day Tea and Kindergarten Graduation as they are taking the Terra Nova Exam. Nurturing, experienced teachers work closely with each member of the class so they are prepared, ready and confident to deliver strong performances academically and socially.

Classes Are Half The Size Of Public School
Since each Kindergarten class is limited to 16 students, we provide one-to-one attention, cultivate individual strengths, react immediately if a concept is not grasped, so frustration does not occur and equip all students with a solid foundation needed to succeed in elementary school.

The Program Is So Popular, Spaces Go Fast Each Year
Whether children are reading aloud for the first time, singing songs, completing a computer project, or perfecting their freestyle stroke, they are enthusiastic about school, eager to learn and a step ahead of the game when they enter the first grade. The program has earned such a good reputation with families in the area, classes sell out quickly.

To observe a class in session, to schedule a tour or to learn more about kindergarten – please call 732.222.6464 or CLICK HERE.