One of the areas that really sets The Seashore School apart is its Physical Education Department. Since the school’s inception in 1974 by Augustus (Gus) Villapiano, former Athletics Director of Asbury Park High School, physical education has always been an integral part of the curriculum. Coach Gus believed back then as we do today that developing a strong body is just as important as developing a strong mind – especially at the preschool level where physical abilities develop faster than academic skills.

The goal is to give children opportunities to master a level of competence that helps them feel good about themselves, makes school a positive experience and translates into other areas of learning. Under the leadership of current director and principal John Villapiano, a former professional football player and his team of talented coaches, the program provides a major league advantage.

Starting in preschool and going through eighth grade, children take physical education where the focus is on dexterity, fitness, sportsmanship and techniques needed to excel in team sports. In addition, the PE curriculum includes swim instruction so strong the youngest swim unassisted by the end of their preschool year and the oldest graduate with the speed and competitive strokes needed to make captain of their high school swim teams.

Once students enter fourth grade, they can also participate in our interscholastic sports program – where their early start in athletics gives them a distinct edge against private, parochial and public schools. And, since we believe that if a student is going to be on a team, he or she is going to get a chance to play, we offer JV and Varsity teams that make sure children are not only competing with others in their age group, but are guaranteed enough playing time to take them to the next level.


  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Track

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