Here’s what alumni have to say:

Growing up at Seashore greatly shaped me into who I am today. The way I teach my kids through hands-on fun and play like they did with me and my fellow students. They way they fed my curiosity and taught me to not only question everything but to seek the answer for myself, has taught me to be thorough and mindful of all that I do. I believe it has played a role in me pursuing a college career in biology. In addition, Seashore has a family atmosphere that makes me feel at home whenever I return. I am overjoyed to be able to send my son there to get the same education I received throughout kindergarten to eighth grade with the exception of seventh grade. I know he will be safe, well cared for, intellectually stimulated and happy. Thank you, Seashore for all you have done for me and all you continue to do for the community and future generations. There truly is no comparison.
Jennifer Procopio, Seashore Class Of 2007
Continuing Education At Ocean County College
Pursuing A Career In Biology



I love Seashore. I was a camper for many years and the Outstanding Camper in 2012. I made so many memories and met my best friend there. Happy 90th Anniversary SDC.
Gina Mellish, Seashore Outstanding Camper 2012
Miss New Jersey Teen USA
Red Bank Catholic




The Seashore School helped me develop a strong foundation that prepared me for higher education and gave me the skills I needed to get accepted to Marine Academy of Science and Technology and Eckerd College.
Josh Keller, Seashore Class of 2011
Marine Academy of Science and Technology
Eckerd College



I attended The Seashore School from first to eighth grade. Seashore was a transforming experience that helped prepare me for high school. I am most grateful to the teachers, who worked diligently to ensure the success of each student. Their teaching style was very similar to the teachers at Allied. They expected quality work and provided me with the skills and important study habits I will be able to use throughout my life. I think journalism also helped me tremendously with my writing. Thank you Seashore for not just showing and explaining, but inspiring me to be the best I could be.
Elena Shalom, Seashore 2014 Co-Valedictorian
Academy of Allied Health and Science



At Seashore, I was able to not only find my passion for theatre and the arts, but I was able to learn skills and techniques that I will use the rest of my life. The close-knit environment of Seashore, my directors and teachers really fostered my talent and left me with a strong foundation that ultimately made it possible for me to get a starring role freshman year of high school. No matter where I go, Seashore will always have a special place in my heart.
Joelle Rosen, Seashore Class Of 2011
Long Branch High School Class of 2015
TCNJ Law School
2015 Basie Nominee For A Chorus Line



The problem solving, logic and reasoning, and test-taking skills I acquired at Seashore helped me get into High Tech, along with developing a good work ethic.
Derek Gordon, Seashore Class of 2014
High Technology High School



Going to Seashore was great. My Seashore education helped me get into Communications High School and Cornell.
Brian Murphy, Seashore Class of 2008
Communications High School Class of 2012
Cornell University Class of 2016



Here’s what parents have to say:

Our son Johnny is a completely different child since we made the best decision for him last year. We enrolled him at The Seashore School just four days into fourth grade at his public school, where he seemed very anxious and just not himself. It is unbelievable how happy and how well he is doing at Seashore. Maybe it is the small class size, maybe it is the really fun, interesting activities like the Spelling Bee, Science Olympiad or swimming. Truthfully, my husband and I believe it is all of that plus the sincere care and support he gets from all of his teachers and faculty at Seashore. In addition to his quality education, he has made amazing friends from good families. We travel 45 minutes and it is well worth it.
Bonnie Bertan, August 2018

If you’ve ever thought that a private school could serve your children better, I’d like to bring your attention to The Seashore School. We live in Holmdel (and moved there to take advantage of the school system) but more and more we realized why we believe Seashore is a great place. Seashore is a family environment. Classes are small.  The teachers are experienced. We asked for more challenging math for our daughter and guess what – we got it! With such small classes, teachers really get to know the children and engage with them in real conversation. We think this is so valuable. And they don’t have to spend half their time disciplining children. All students go to science lab every week. The school has an amazing theater program that puts on full-scale productions. We believe that the Seashore staff must have a unique understanding of what children can accomplish and the theater program is the perfect example. Seashore students focus on ways to give back to local communities. The school newspaper consistently wins top awards from Columbia University (the photo above includes our two children in the middle, along with their classmates, who worked on the 2018 Gold Medalist issue of Seashore Student Views Jr). Seashore also has a pool and the children get instructional swim every week. In addition, they offer door to door transportation. When our kids go to Seashore, they love going to school. If you’re wondering, Seashore does not come with the same price tag as other private schools. It is very reasonable. Seashore may not look fancy, but I urge you if you are thinking about private school, to look beyond the bricks and look at the solid, no-nonsense, down to earth education they are offering, where the staff and the children have the resources, room and time to enjoy their education. We are not paid in ay way to promote Seashore. It’s just a great place we believe in. Thanks for reading.
Pete Franco

We love Seashore. The teachers are very attentive and caring and my child has learned so much. The summer camp is filled with great activities and trips almost every day. The camp coaches push kids to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. With the indoor pool during the school year and the huge outdoor pool during the summer — their swim program is the most advanced in the area. Door to door transportation and aftercare are included! Couldn’t ask for anything more.
Donna Teger

Absolutely the best decision I ever made for my children. I have a third grader, a first and a pre-ker and they have been there since they were two. Best private school due to the caring, amazing teachers, driven curriculum and nature of being part of a second family. I love, love The Seashore School.
Maggie McDevitt Kinkela

Seashore made a real student out of my son. Seashore gave him knowledge along with confidence. He is a National Honor Society Student and has been on the honor roll every single marking period in high school.
Catherine Presley O’Donnell

Love this school. My children and their children attended here, They went on to be excellent students and college graduates. My grandson Jami started Seashore in January and could read almost anything by June. Just an excellent school and environment.
Ronald Williams


Love Seashore. So excited that our little one will be there this year.
Marlena Frank


Seashore is the greatest place ever.  I like that the curriculum includes lots of different things and balances writing, reading, math and art with gym and swimming lessons. I’ve been sending my twin boys here since they were two and a half. Both are doing amazing and go to camp here, too.
Jolie Goldstein



We have three children at Seashore and LOVE it! Our children see their friends and the school staff as a family. They also get to experience a lot of exciting activities: theater, yoga, journalism, a science competition with other schools, MAST’s Jeopardy-style competition, sports, community fundraising. The list goes on.
A parent posted on greatschools.org



Individual instruction that cultivates the talents and potentials within your child. A great community atmosphere, impressive instruction that embraces core skills and then adds a multitude of arts, activities and experiences. I cannot recommend it enough and would give six stars if I could.
A parent posted on greatschools.org



Seashore gave my children a fantastic education. As a freshman in high school, my daughter placed out of Algebra 1 and Freshman Spanish. When we relocated last summer, my son tested into higher math in his new school. Thank you.
Nancy Semon



Seashore offers a very personal and professional atmosphere. The wonderful, caring staff has been there for years and is second to none. The transportation is really helpful if you work or have younger children at home. The bus comes and picks up children. I sent my daughter and she feels the same way. The testament is she is now sending her own child, who has had a great preschool and pre-k experience the last two years.
Mary Palazzo



I learned to swim at Seashore. My wife learned to swim at Seashore. When it was time for our kids to learn, we wouldn’t consider anywhere else.
Steve Reisler



My son liked Seashore so much, he kept extending his stay.
Scott Glenn, Sea Bright